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Welcome Fellow Time Travellers and Elven Adventurers!

Hi, my name is Wesley S. Gray.  You will find my new releases and special offers here. I write scifi and fantasy but reserve the right to go down any rabbit hole that grabs my attention (or I accidentally fall into).

Anna’s Ether – A SciFi short story

SciFi audiobook Anna's Ether

A Victorian Era inventor travels to a war-torn future where he must decide whom to trust.


In this science fiction short story William Sinclair’s wife, Anna, dies of tuberculosis in Victorian Era London. He soon withdraws from the public who have been fascinated by him due to his astonishing inventions. Consequently, he becomes obsessed with creating a portal to another dimension, where perhaps he can reunite with Anna. As a result of his experiments, using himself as a human guinea pig, he is hurled into a strange new world.

William learns that he has unwittingly traveled 200 years to a post-apocalyptic London. Furthermore, a war rages on for the planet’s diminishing resources. What remains of the technological advances of the last two centuries astound William. He soon finds that the current medical advances probably would have saved his wife. He decides that either he must find a way to re-create the device he left behind 200 years in the past, or he will miss the chance to have more time with the one he loves.

The leader of one of the warring factions offers to help retrieve Anna from the past and cure her tuberculosis. But are his motives less than pure? The red flags are flying in Williams mind, but he is also desperate to have Anna back again. When he finds out the shocking truth about the faction, however, the world becomes even stranger.

Time travel, a touch of steampunk, and a dash of cyberpunk. The ingredients for a post-apocalyptic short story stew? Anna’s Ether is book one in a series of scifi short stories. Claim your free audio book version here.

Pick up Anna’s Ether here: Anna’s Ether (The Time Traveler Series Book One)